Eating Mindfully with L2C

Learning to both eat and live mindfully is foundational to the pursuit of greater health, peace, and personal discovery. Eating and living mindfully are as connected as water and ice. The one follows from the other. As we cultivate a deep awareness of our relationships with food–where it comes from and how it’s prepared–we also develop valuable insights into other areas of our lives. Whether we’re concerned for our weight, some medical condition, or the stresses of every day life. Even if we’re looking to explore new ways of achieving balance and connection, food can act as a gateway to better living.


We’ve all been there, trying one of the countless standard FDA-approved approaches to food (they don’t call it SAD for nothin’). Hopping onto and off of fad diets. Listening to celebrity doctors and wellness experts on television telling us how to magically change our lives through the power of “superfoods”. Gulping down handfuls of the latest miracle supplement. None of it seems to work to break our cycles of habit. Those daily things that drive us to eat and live poorly appear to linger. Why? Because there is no panacea we can turn to for every food-related problem. Which is exactly what the aforementioned approaches are selling us: a one-size-fits-all, wholesale approach to fitting into whatever mold currently happens to be in fashion. Let’s try something different.


At L2C we believe that any path toward better living should take a Whole-Human view. This means we’re both holistic and highly individualized in our approach. After all, what works for some doesn’t necessarily work for all. But there are general principles we can follow and adapt to our individual lifestyles. So we organize our approach into a simple four-step framework:

  • Learn to live mindfully using the four foundations of mindfulness as a guide
  • Learn to set realistic expectations (what are your non-negotiables?)
  • Identify your energy vs. eating style (what you do daily vs. what you eat daily)
  • Create a mindful eating plan that flows with your mindful lifestyle


L2C is not a website about how to be a vegetarian, or how to eliminate fat and carbs from your life, or how to lose those love handles in 30-days. We’re just a couple of people who care deeply about creating meaningful connections through food, flavor, and togetherness. We believe that living mindfully and healthfully has to start in our own kitchens, around our own tables, through food prepared in the spirit of love and generosity. We invite you to join us. Come as you are, take what you please.

L2C was founded by my wife, certified research chef, Ngoc Trinh-Scott, who specializes in nutrition and food science. L2C was co-founded by Bryan Scott (me), who specializes in PMT and personal development. Our L2C team are Certified Advisors in Mindfulness and Meditation by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences specializing in eating and stress reduction management. We look forward to providing you with helpful and meaningful advice along your journey to health, peace, and personal discovery.

*This is the first in a series of posts introducing and defining our philosophy and approach to food, life, and everything that happens in between. Please stay tuned.